Kate Brown Accepts $250k Donation From Michael Bloomberg

There they go again... 

On Tuesday, reports surfaced about Gov. Kate Brown accepting a $250,000 campaign donation from out-of-state billionaire Michael Bloomberg

Just a few short months ago, Democratic candidates cried foul about the influence of out-of-state billionaires buying Oregon elections. 

Today? Crickets.

All of a sudden, it's OK to accept, in Democrats' own words, "a quarter-million dollar check from a Wall Street billionaire, silencing the voices of everyday Oregonians" -- presumably, because campaign cash is more important than principle. 

Sadly, this news isn't shocking to anyone. We've come to expect a certain level of hypocrisy from #SalemDemocrats.

Their brand of pay-to-play politics has lined the pockets of their political donors and enriched special interests at the expense of everyday Oregonians.

Well, friends, it's time to fight back. Will you join us

Let's keep the liberal special interests and out-of-state billionaire Michael Bloomberg OUT of Oregon elections. Let's stand united and make our voices heard -- we will not be bought. 

Your contribution of $25, $50 or $100 today will help us make a stand in November and restore principled, responsible leadership to Salem.

Help us fight the hypocrisy of #SalemDemocrats and their pay-to-play style politics.

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Farmer's Market on Sundays

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farmers market orangesOur community has a great Farmer's Market every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the library parking lot. Fresh produce is sold by area farmers, like these tasty oranges sold by Mrs. Patel.

Communications Director John Woo is about to sample Mrs. Patel's oranges. He thought they were so delicious, he bought two bags to share with the volunteers in our campaign office.

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Tips on creating posts

Learn how to create a blog and some tips for keeping it updated. 

Watch this video for a step by step walk-through on setting up a blog.


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