It’s no question Oregon is in dire need of fresh ideas and accountable leadership. Whether it’s the flood of Democrat scandals in Salem, the botched rollout of Cover Oregon, or one of the many hurtful policies pushed by powerful special interest groups, one thing is for sure: Oregonians deserve better!

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC’s mission is to elect candidates that will bring balance and common sense to the Oregon House of Representatives as well as support the members of the House Republican caucus. Chaired by House Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson, our goal is to offer Oregonians an honest choice in the leadership that represents them in Salem.

There’s just one thing missing to make sure that we complete our goal in 2020: YOU!  Elections cannot be won without the support and work of people like you, so please take some time to sign up to our email list to get important updates on our candidates and campaigns!

Meet the Oregon House Republican Caucus