Rep. Sal Esquivel


Rep. Sal Esquivel

(R-Medford) House District 6

Representative Sal Esquivel was raised in Medford and still lives in West Medford to this day. After graduating from Medford High School in 1966, he joined the Navy where he served our country in Vietnam from 1969 through 1970. Upon his return to Oregon, Rep. Esquivel went to work in the wood products industry at KOGAP. In 1982, he set out on a business path of his own and created a successful heavy equipment and parts business and has since worked in real estate-related industries.

In March of 2003, Rep. Esquivel was chosen to replace Senator Lenn Hannon to represent Senate District 3. Shortly after his appointment, Representative Rob Patridge announced that he would not be running again for his State Representative position. Rep. Esquivel chose to run for the House seat of District 6 because he knew Medford so well after almost eight years on the City Council. He served the nine months remaining in the Senate, before eventually being elected to the House.

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